Move Out Project
Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Christina Fuller
Founder, Logistics Coordinator

Christina grew up in Johnson City and is a graduate of Binghamton University. She has a passion for waste reduction, sustainability and community development, leading her to start the Move Out Project in 2018. She joined the Susquehanna Group after they formally adopted the project, and is in awe of what the team has been able to accomplish as a result. Outside of the project, Christina works for the State Assembly and enjoys reading, hiking, crafting, and gardening.

Chris Harasta
Volunteer Coordinator

Chris has been an active environmentalist since he joined the Susquehanna Group in 2016. Since then he joined up with the MOP team and never looked back. Besides redistributing items through MOP, Chris enjoys foraging wild foods, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and spending time with his family.

Mary-Ellen Bronson
Sorting Coordinator

Mary-Ellen is an RN who looked for ways to continue efforts to help the community in her retirement. She joined the MOP when she saw requests on local media for volunteers for the program. She looks forward to continuing the redirection of used resources ro those have less.

Kathy Cronin
Driving Coordinator

Kathy retired from Binghamton University in 2008 and is a long time Sierra Club member. She joined MOP last year, seeing it as an excellent grassroots effort to curb waste. We all gather and dispose of far too much “stuff.”

Doug Gausman
Sorting Coordinator

Doug is retired from IBM and Barnes and Noble and volunteered as MOP Distribution Coordinator in 2022. He is also a longtime member of the Sierra Club Susquehanna Group.

Kate Harasta
Distribution Coordinator

Kate has loved nature all her life and has taken a specific interest in environmentalism in the past ten years. She was so excited to hear about the Move Out Project and immediately thought “How did this not exist already?!” Keeping waste out of the landfill and improving community member’s lives is a no brainer. She hopes MOP can expand further and reach even more people.

P.S. Juniper, pictured here with her mother Kate, is a junior coordinator! Thanks June for all of your help!

Kathy Harasta
Sorting Coordinator

Kathy, a graduate of SUNY Oswego, where she saw how much usable “stuff” was left behind by students.  She is retired from Broome-Tioga BOCES. Kathy and her partner spend part of each year exploring the USA in their RV. Kathy volunteered with the Move Out Project in 2022 and realized she wanted to make a larger commitment to the project.  She believes the  Move Out Project is a much needed service to reduce what’s going into the landfill, as well as aiding those in need in our own community.

Scott Lauffer
Driving Coordinator

Scott Lauffer is a graduate of Binghamton University and is retired from IBM. He has been active in the local Susquehanna Group for many years.  He is a committed helper/coordinator with the Move Out Project. He sees Move Out as a way to both reduce waste and help the community. He has been inspired by the project and hopes to help it grow. 

Joann Lettis
Purchasing Coordinator

Joann has been the Treasurer for the Susquehanna Group of the Sierra Club for the past four years and a member even longer.  Her passion for the environment has led her to be involved in the Move Out Project.  It makes Joann feel good to be able to help in such a hands-on effort that makes a significant difference in what is going into our local landfill and also contributes products to organizations in need of them.

Pete Shambo
Driving Coordinator

Pete has volunteered with MOP for several years. He is in awe of what the MOP team has done, each year increasing the impact it has had on landfills. It has also greatly impacted the lives of people in need in the larger community through many local nonprofit partners of MOP. Pete is retired, and enjoys spending time with his partner experiencing America by traveling in their RV.