Move Out Project
How It Works

How It Works

Our mission is to divert as many usable items from the landfill as possible and donate them back into our community. But how do we do it? Well, let us tell you…

1. We collect items from students through a variety of methods. We send volunteers to pick-up items from students’ houses, and we also have passive bins and active collection tents on-campus for students who live in the dorms.

2. Volunteers bring the items back to our central storage facility in their own vehicles after off-campus pick ups, and in a rented U-Haul after on-campus collection points.

3. Volunteers sort the items into categories, weigh them and track them.

4. Donation partners either come to our facility to collect donations or volunteers bring loads to them based on what they’re able to accept.

5. Our volunteers have a huge celebratory pot-luck because, man was that a lot of work!